Your Life Is Yours. Live it!

Your life is yours. Guess what that means? It means you get to chose how you want to live it, where you’re going to live it and who you’re going to live it with. Let that sink in for a minute. Because it’s an absolute gift once you understand that you are in complete control […]

Today I Choose To Be Awesome!

We wake up everyday and we are faced with all sorts of problems. We cannot escape that. It’s called life. What makes a person excellent is not their ability to avoid problems. What makes a person excellent is their ability to handle those problems. We can make the choice to let our circumstances or our […]

Don’t Fall for Facebook Syndrome

I saw an interesting article that said if one look at your Facebook page tells you everyone else’s life seems more exciting and happier than yours, you are experiencing Facebook Syndrome. Social media has a direct bearing on how we feel about ourselves, according to a new study of 79 undergraduate students who discovered receiving […]

30 Of The Hardest (But Most Necessary) Things That Must Be Done To Achieve Success

                    Here are the 30 hardest things you need to do to be successful: 1. End friendships if they are not beneficial to your overall goals. 2. Prove the doubters right by making mistakes, before proving them wrong in the long run. 3. Realize if you […]